What Everyone Needs To Know About Concussions And Car Accidents

During a vehicle accident, it is possible for someone to bump their head, and this may result in a concussion. Some people may get a concussion from a vehicle accident and not realize it immediately. This is because some concussions do not show obvious physical signs such as bruising or swelling. The following information will help you to better understand concussions. 

Concussion Classifications

The classifications are Grade I, II or III. Grade I is considered mild, II is moderate and III is severe. Mild and moderate concussion victims will likely recover within short time frames, but Grade III concussions may have effects that cause physical and limitation for extended amounts of time.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that a severe concussion has to result in someone being obviously knocked unconscious. For example, a person could have a Grade III concussion and only appear disoriented after a car accident due to them only being unconscious for a few seconds. This is why it is important to get medical attention after an accident to rule out a concussion or ensure that, if one is present, it is properly classified and treated. 

Physical and Mental Impairments

Concussions may cause people to have physical symptoms such as headaches or sensitivity to light. It is also possible for the effects of the concussion to affect mental health. Depression, anxiety or forgetfulness are examples of some mental problems that may occur. 

Treatment Expectations

The severity of the concussion will affect the type of treatments a doctor recommends. Examples of things to expect during treatment are mandatory rest, activity restrictions, medications and therapy. You might have to have several imaging tests performed to determine if a concussion is healing properly. MRIs are often used for this purpose because they offer doctors a glimpse at changes in healing. Changes in healing may mean changes in the recommended treatment plan. For example, a patient might be taken off of activity restrictions, but if imaging shows that their concussion stops healing or their pain returns, their doctor might put them back on bed rest.

A car accident lawyer is the best resource to use for guidance for concussions that occur due to vehicle accidents. They can answer questions on your behalf, which can keep you from making statements that could harm your case. For example, some people with head injuries may find it difficult to concentrate or make decisions while they are still healing, and having an attorney to represent them can protect them from accepting unfair settlement offers for their injuries.

For more information, go to sites of local accident attorneys.