About Suing The One That Knocked Your Teeth Out

Were your front teeth knocked out in a brawl that you didn't start? If you want to get your teeth fixed but don't have the funds, it might be time for you to consider a lawsuit against your attacker. You can begin the legal process by first speaking to a personal injury lawyer to make sure you have a case that is worth pursuing in court. This article will give you insight about the services a lawyer can provide to help you get compensated for your missing teeth.

Gaining an Understanding of What Happened

Upon consulting with a personal injury lawyer, he or she will ask questions about the day of the incident. You must explain what happened before, during and after the brawl took place. For instance, if you were being taunted and called names by the other party before the brawl, let the lawyer know. If you threw the first hit in the brawl, it is important to be honest about it. The information gathered during the consultation will be used to determine if you have a strong case and whether or not the lawyer wants to represent you.

Determining How the Injury Has Affected Your Life

The lawyer will need to know how getting your front teeth knocked out has affected your life. You may be asked if you quite your job due to embarrassment or if you have stopped being as social as you once were. If the injury caused you to become depressed, you may be able to get compensated for your psychological health. If you are already seeing a counselor because of the injury, give the lawyer proof so you can be compensated for the fees paid.

Figuring Out What Dental Repairs Will Cost

If you have not already visited a dentist to find out what can be done to replace your missing teeth, you should schedule an appointment. You will need to give your lawyer documentation that explains the plan for replacing your teeth, as well as what the estimated price will be. Make sure several quotes are obtained from different dentists in case they are requested by the judge.

Attempting to Settle in a Cordial Manner

When your lawyer has successfully gathered the needed evidence to prove that you deserve compensation, he or she will present it to the other party. You should expect your lawyer to attempt to get you a settlement through mediation before the case actually goes to court. Click here for information regarding what you should do if you need legal counsel in a personal injury case.