Beware Of The Tempestuous Lair Of E-Cigarettes When You’re Trying To Quit The Real Cigs

Are you a smoker? If so, it is likely hard for you to conceive that stopping your use of tobacco products could result in you getting significantly injured. The decision to stop smoking is a wise one, but unfortunately, some people choose to smoke e-cigarettes in their quest to stop smoking tobacco. This modern approach to smoking has led some people to think that they are making a safer choice, but e-cigarettes have been a contributing source of horrific burn injuries and disease. If you are thinking of migrating to e-cigs, the following are a few dangers that you need to be mindful of.

Cancer Risk

Perhaps you are like many other people who want to stop smoking to lower their cancer risk. E-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that could cause cancer in some individuals. Keep in mind that the nicotine that many traditional cigarette smokers crave is also found in e-cigarettes, and the concentration of the addictive chemical varies depending on the brand of e-cigarettes purchased.

Handheld "Bombs"

There are numerous reports of people having e-cigarettes explode on them. This is an occurrence that usually happens as a result of the lithium batteries exploding. Lithium batteries have also been linked to exploding cell phones. Many individuals have been awarded damages for these unfortunate incidents, which wreak damages similar to miniature bombs exploding. For example, severe burns can occur.

Loss of Body Parts

One user endured the nightmare of having one of these devices explode in his mouth, which burned a hole through his tongue and shattered his teeth; loss of fingers and paralysis are also potential risks these seemingly harmless "smokes" can cause.

If you or someone you know is injured by an e-cigarette, you could be entitled to compensation. A personal injury lawyer is a good resource to use to determine what types of compensation you could receive. For example, some people may be entitled to full payment of their medical bills as well as compensation for scarring and time missed from work.

Although you now have a basic understanding of potential dangers, this does not alleviate the manufacturers of these dangerous devices from being held liable. Some manufacturers fail to fully disclose dangers to consumers, and their actions can be deemed as negligent. Even partial disclosures can result in manufacturers being held liable. For example, if the packaging to e-cigarettes contained burn disclosures, but failed to inform consumers of appropriate use, the manufacturer could be held liable under product liability laws.

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