3 Ways To Get Assistance With Your Medical Bills Following A Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident where you sustained injuries and accumulated medical bills, there are multiple ways that you can get help with your medical bills, depending on the situation surrounding your accident. 

#1 You Were At Fault For The Accident

Just because you were the person responsible for an accident does not mean that you do not qualify for assistance with your medical bills due to the accident. If you pay for personal injury protection as part of your car insurance premium, then you qualify to have your medical bills paid for by your car insurance provider. Your medical bills should be paid for and covered up to the limit on your policy.

For example, if you pay for personal injury protection, or PIP, for up to $100,000, that means that your car insurance company will cover your bills up to $100,000; anything after that you have to cover yourself.

#2 Another Motorist Who Has Insurance Caused The Accident

If another motorist, who has insurance, caused the accident, then it is the responsibility of their insurance company to pay for your medical bills. The most basic level of insurance coverage that is required in each state should be more than enough to cover your medical bills. 

You are going to need to get the other driver's insurance policy number as well as their contact information. You are going to want to contact their insurance company and provide them with your medical bills. Their insurance company will assign an adjuster to work on your case and determine what bills they will pay for and up to what amount.

#3 Another Motorist Who Doesn't Have Insurance Caused The Accident

If the motorist who caused the accident does not have insurance, that does not mean that you are out of luck in relation to your medical bills. 

If you carry uninsured motorist coverage on your insurance policy, your coverage will kick in and cover your medical bills. Your personal injury protection policy should also kick in to cover your medical bills. When a driver hits you who doesn't have insurance, your best bet is to have a strong insurance policy yourself. You can also go after the driver in court to re-coup your medical costs.

If you were injured in a car accident, do not worry about how you will pay for the medical bills. First, take care of yourself and worry about paying the bills later. Someone's insurance should take care of your bills; if you are not sure who is responsible for your medical bills, enlist a car accident attorney from a law firm such as Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy LLC to assist you with this process.