Pros And Cons Of Sharing A Restaurant Problem On Social Media

If you encounter a dangerous or off-putting problem with a meal that you're eating at a restaurant — perhaps animal droppings, fingernail clippings, or a shard of glass in your food — you might feel upset and share a photo of the incident on your social media account right away. There's value in making this decision, but there's also value in holding back and speaking to a personal injury attorney to discuss a potential lawsuit. Here are some pros and cons of sharing the issue on social media right away.

Pro: The Attention Creates Pressure

Social media posts about foreign objects in restaurant food often go viral in the area and may also generate media coverage. This can be troubling for the restaurant and its legal team, which knows that this exposure can be bad for its business. The restaurant's attorneys may advocate reaching a settlement for damages with you as quickly as possible to help prevent further discussion of the incident in the community.

Con: It May Make Them Angry

You'll frequently find that when you share information of this type, the restaurant won't take kindly to your decision. While you're well within your right to make this sort of social media post, the restaurant may feel as though you're deliberately attempting to besmirch the establishment's reputation. Depending on the personalities of the decision makers at the restaurant, this could cause them to want to fight back against your hard, rather than settle quickly.

Pro: Empowers Others

Empowering others might not be your primary goal of sharing an upsetting photo on social media after you've had an unfortunate incident at a restaurant, but this can be the end result. If someone else has gone through a similar situation or will go through something like this in the future, reading about your ordeal in the media may compel him or her to also make the issue public. Frequent situations of this nature may then lead to restaurants being more careful in the kitchen.

Con: Loss Of A Bargaining Chip

One drawback of quickly sharing the information on social media is that you essentially lose your biggest bargaining chip. If you encounter a problem with your food that leads to legal action, the restaurant knows that you have chosen not to post about your story on social media — for now, at least. The establishment may try to appease you legally so that you don't go public with the story.

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