3 Tips For Ensuring Your Social Security Attorney Has The Right Information About Your Disability

If you are going to be applying for Social Security Disability sometime soon, you might be hoping to work with an attorney. In order for your attorney to represent you well, he or she is going to need some key information. For example, your attorney will need to have all of the right information about your disability to help you with your case. To help make sure that your attorney has the information that he or she needs, consider these tips.

1. Sign a Medical Release Form

When you first hire your attorney, he or she might ask you to sign a medical release form. You might be a little bit nervous about this at first; after all, you probably do not want to share your medical information with just anyone. However, if you choose an attorney who you can trust, you should not have to worry about this. The sooner that you sign this form, the sooner your attorney can start looking into your information and working on your case.

2. Provide Relevant Information

Even though your attorney will be able to look through your medical records after you sign a medical release form, it's not a bad idea to provide a little bit of relevant information yourself. In addition to providing a little background information about your disability, you will also want to keep your lawyer updated as necessary. It might take a while for your application to be submitted and for you to hear an answer from the Social Security Administration. If your case is denied at first, then it might take a while for you and your attorney to file an appeal. In the meantime, you might have doctor's appointments, and you might, therefore, have changes in your situation. Keeping your attorney up-to-date on everything related to your disability will help you make sure that he or she is in the know at all times.

3. Go to Your Consultative Exam

Your attorney might tell you that you will need to undergo a consultative exam for the Social Security Administration. If your lawyer tells you this, then you should not skip this exam. The sooner that you undergo the exam, the sooner that your attorney and the Social Security Administration can be provided with information from the exam. This can help you hopefully get your approval from the Social Security Administration as soon as possible.

For more information, contact a Social Security lawyer.