The Two Issues Most Likely To Affect Your Social Security Disability Application Right Now

Applying for Social Security Disability can be a nervous time in your life because the risk of being denied seems so great. It's not unusual for applicants to be turned down, but that doesn't mean you will be. Two things are really affecting Social Security Disability applications right now. One of them is something you can't help, but the other one is something you can take care of. Get that second one right, and you increase your chances of approval the first time around. Working with a Social Security Disability attorney can help ensure you do as well on that application as possible.

Lingering COVID-Related Backlogs

The issue that you can't really help is the backlog in applications that the Social Security Administration has dealt with for the past two years. With initial shutdowns and transitions to remote working, all the way through repeated staffing problems due to COVID cases, the Social Security Administration has seen applications pile up. The agency is dealing with that backlog, and additional applications from people suffering from long COVID likely aren't helping matters. All you can do is apply, make the application as accurate and complete as possible, and then wait.

You Forgot Something

Now for the issue that you can do something about. A lot of Social Security Disability denials are due to the applicant either forgetting to answer a question, forgetting to provide information, or making a mistake when answering questions. With the volume of applications that the agency has, the workers there don't have time to track you down to confirm something you wrote or find the answer to a question you left blank. The result is that your application is denied. Yes, it could also be that you don't qualify, but don't assume that's the reason. If you are denied, go over the application with an attorney to see if you made a mistake on the form.

Start Your Application as Soon as Possible

The sooner you get your application into the review pile at the Social Security Administration, the sooner you'll (eventually) hear about whether you've been approved or denied. Don't let backlogs or the risk of being denied stop you from applying if you need Social Security Disability pay. Find an attorney who specializes in these cases and apply—or appeal or apply again if need be. The attorney will ensure you have all the necessary forms, and if you have questions, the attorney will know the answers.

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