The Most Important Things To Do After A Rideshare Accident

Individuals who use rideshares likely expect to arrive at their destinations safely. However, vehicle accidents may occur, and passengers may get injured. There are also accidents when drivers get injured or individuals such as cyclists who are not seeking the services get injured. These cases can be complex and proving who is at fault may not be easy.

Rideshare companies may have their own liability insurance for their drivers while they are performing services. But, they also require drivers to have their own insurance. The procedures to follow after these incidents are similar to what should occur after all vehicle accidents. The following points outline the basic details of what victims should do.

Contact Emergency Response and Document

One of the drivers or passersby may contact the police to report the accident. Victims may also report it themselves. The police may be able to determine which driver is at fault. If the accident involves a pedestrian or cyclist, it may take longer to determine fault. An investigation may need to be performed at a later date.

If there are witnesses to an accident, passengers can ask for their information. They should not rely on the police to put all of the details in the police report. Some cities have municipal cameras that may capture accidents. These can serve as valuable evidence for compensation. Victims can also utilize their own phone cameras to capture individuals discussing the accident, the cars involved, and photos of license plates. The contact information and insurance information for the drivers should also be requested.

Seek Medical Attention

This should be done after a rideshare accident even if a victim does not feel hurt or have visible signs of being hurt. It is not common for injuries such as contusions, whiplash, organ damage, fractured ribs, or back pain to be immediately noticed. Individuals who refuse medical treatment but seek it later might be scrutinized about whether the injuries were caused by the accident. They do not have to rely on the driver to continue the ride and can request emergency response. If the emergency room releases an injured individual, they will document the injuries and give aftercare instructions. These should be strictly followed.

Contact a Rideshare Lawyer

A rideshare accident lawyer is a good resource for injured individuals to use. They can explain the importance of not accepting initial settlement offers from insurance companies, which are likely to undervalue the compensation. Victims who obtain lawyers can also focus on healing from their injuries and allow their lawyers to negotiate their settlement.  

For more info, contact a local rideshare accident lawyer