Hate And Violence: Why Hate Crimes Are Especially Difficult Cases

Although much attention has been given to hate crimes lately, both in the media and in the courtroom, they still remain some of the hardest cases to try. Not only are they emotionally charged, cases involving hate crimes are notoriously more violent and more difficult to prosecute, which leaves victims feeling reluctant to pursue additional damages. While hate crimes are recognized by 41 states, with many of those states levying heftier sentences and penalties for proven hate crimes, many crimes go unreported and/or not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Read More 

Know Your Rights: Can You Sue If Injured Abroad?

Whether you're on your very first trip out of the country or like to think of yourself as a seasoned jet-setter, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye while traveling abroad. From serious injuries sustained in a car accident to slipping and falling in a shopping mall, if you're hurt in an accident while traveling out of the country you may feel afraid and helpless. Chances are you'll also be facing a huge medical bill or you may even have to cut your trip short as well. Read More