Why It’s Difficult For Farm Workers To Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In some states, farm workers are among the classes of employees who aren't guaranteed workers' compensation benefits. This is despite the fact that workers' compensation benefits both employees and employers. So, why would farm workers be excluded from these benefits? Here are three reasons given the exclusion: Difficulty with Administrative Duties Farmers would find it extremely difficult to undertake the administrative duties that workers' compensation insurers and state laws demand. Read More 

Were You Injured Under The Knife By Your Gynaecological Surgeon? Get Help

If you were under the knife for a gynaecological procedure and your bladder was damaged on accident by your surgeon, you need to call a lawyer right away. Over 210,000 people die annually in hospitals, and many more are injured. You may have a case for a medical malpractice suit which, though it won't fix the damage that was done, can compensate you for your injuries. If you are going to have a permanent problem because of what happened during the surgery, and you'll need future surgeries and other medical treatments, you need to meet with a lawyer from a firm like R. Read More 

How To Tell Whether Your Case Should Fall Under Workers’ Compensation Or Personal Injury

If you're an employee who's been injured on the job, chances are you won't be allowed to sue for personal injury. However, there are many exceptions to this rule. Here are four ways to tell whether personal injury or workers' compensation is the right choice in your situation. 1. Check whether any of the exceptions apply to you Employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance, but they do so on the understanding that employees will not be allowed to sue them. Read More 

Can You File A Personal Injury Suit Due To Police Misconduct?

Have you been a victim of police misconduct? If so, you may find it much easier than it once was to find an attorney willing to represent you in a personal injury suit against the police. Here's what you should know. More people are coming forward than ever to report police misconduct. In recent years, thanks to the advent of smartphones that can easily capture video, police misconduct has been documented in more cases than ever. Read More 

Tips For Your Workers Compensation Situation

Workers compensation cases involve situations in which you are hurt on your job and require a payout to tend to your injuries and other damages. There are plenty of workers compensation cases tried every single year, and you will need the backing of a high quality workers compensation attorney in order to find success with such a case. You will also need to follow some incredibly important tips to help guide you through that case, including the points laid out below. Read More